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Abandoned with her 9 puppies in a sealed…
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Abandoned with her 9 puppies in a sealed cardboard box but luckily a man saves them


Unfortunately, online we are often faced with stories about abandonment that involve poor defenseless animals.

And, in those moments, it is always very difficult to hold back anger towards such cruel gestures or to not become sad about what it seems that the human race has become, namely, cruel and heartless.

Obviously, not all human beings are insensitive and without compassion - for this very reason, we still have high hopes for a better future.

The story we want to tell you about is in regards to a small dog, the mother of nine little puppies, that was abandoned in a landfill, inside of a sealed cardboard box.

via: CBC
image: BC SPCA

A dog with nine puppies was abandoned at the Puntzi Lake dump, British Columbia (Canada). Fortunately, a passerby noticed the mysterious cardboard box and approached to see what it was.

When he opened it, he found himself in front of many little blinking eyes that looked at him with fear and that were once again illuminated by the sunlight.

What he saw were nine one-week-old puppies huddling close to their mother's body.

image: BC SPCA

The man immediately took the puppies and their mother to a veterinarian, who confirmed the perfect state of health of the little puppies and the mother. But who knows what could have happened if they had not been identified and saved in time?!

All of them were transferred to the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA), in an attempt to find them a welcoming home and a loving family.

It is understandable that, at times, many owners of dogs or other pet animals are not able to take care of them as they would like, but, as Lorie Chortyk, Director General of Communications of the BC SPCA, reminds everyone, there is assistance that is available for all such situations.

image: BC SPCA

No one knows who had the idea of ​​abandoning a sealed box full of puppies in a landfill, but the local authorities are doing everything possible to track down the individual who if found will be officially charged with animal cruelty.

Fortunately, however, for this beautiful little dog and her nine puppies, their story has a nice happy ending.

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