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A teacher carries his disabled student…
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A teacher carries his disabled student on his back to take her on a school field trip

September 28, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When little Ryan's parents discovered, in the fifth month of pregnancy, that their baby daughter would be born with a serious malformation of the spine, called spina bifida, they did not know very well what to expect and what daily difficulties they would have to face.

The road, for this 10-year-old girl from Kentucky, unfortunately, has always been uphill but, thanks to the constant support and enormous love of her parents Chris and Shelly, Ryan has been able to live her life with a positive spirit and continues to look forward, despite the problems that life has placed on her path.

Such difficulties of this nature concerning health or disabilities are precisely those that can make some people throw in the towel. Especially in moments when everything seems to be conspiring against them and people like Ryan cannot live as happily as they would desire.

In fact, Ryan attends a regular elementary school, and it is not easy for her to do the same activities as her classmates since she is in a wheelchair. However, it was on the occasion of a school field trip that a small gesture that had big consequences occurred that made Ryan feel a little less "different".

The destination of the school field trip in question was the Falls of the Ohio State Park, with its millenary waterfalls and fossil formations.

As soon as Ryan's mother became aware of the school field trip, she immediately realized that her young daughter could not participate, as had happened several times before. Therefore, she had prepared an "alternative field trip" for daughter for that day.

It was at that point, however, that something changed. A teacher from Tully Elementary School, the school that Ryan attends, made the child's parents a very generous and moving offer.

To allow her to participate in the field trip, and to enjoy the walk through the wonderful natural areas that are available to visitors in the park, the teacher Jim Freeman said he was ready to carry the young girl on his back during the entire field trip.

And so it was. The photos clearly show Freeman who, happy to be helpful for such a noble cause, took Ryan around the Falls of the Ohio State Park, transporting her in a special carrier backpack on his shoulders and back.

Certainly, a carrier backpack with a very special "load", who unquestionably appreciated the teacher's altruism and generosity, as well as the field trip itself.  Ryan, in fact, thanks to this teacher, was able to enjoy the field trip, without any particular problems, together with her classmates.

Ryan's story has been posted and shared on the Internet, and in a short time, it has become a symbol of the struggle that many less fortunate adults and children like Ryan must face each day as they live with their various disabilities and illnesses.

However, such a life would be even harder, without the support and wonderful help that men like Jim Freeman give, by making small but generous gestures of enormous importance.


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