This woman adopts an older dog that she realizes is the same dog she had as a child -
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This woman adopts an older dog that…
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This woman adopts an older dog that she realizes is the same dog she had as a child

October 01, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The bond that you create with a dog can really be much deeper than you can imagine and can last a lifetime.

When she was just a child, Nicole Grimes longed for a little dog to love and care for - a very common desire among children, who cannot wait to caress and play with a sweet little puppy dog.

At that moment, however, Nicole did not know that the puppy she would receive as a gift at the age of 10 would unexpectedly also have been part of her adult life!

In fact, whether this was merely a coincidence or not, this young woman has found her little pet dog after many years.

A story that is unbelievable and that really makes one think that this was not a coincidence but a clear sign of destiny!

via: BBC

At the age of 10, Nicole was finally happy when one day her mother and grandmother came to pick her up at school with a little surprise.

Approaching the car, Nicole had already glimpsed from the distance, a puppy dog with a pink bow sitting on her grandmother's lap and Nicole almost could not hold back her tears of joy.

The choice of the name fell on "Chloe" and they immediately established a bond of deep love and friendship. Unfortunately, their story was short-lived, because after only four years Nicole was forced to say goodbye.

Nicole's father had started working at home as a customer service operator, but could not do his work due to the little dog's constant barking.

Consequently, the decision was sad but inevitable. And the family took Chloe to the Washington Area Humane Society where someone else could adopt the little dog.

Fast forward and many years later, Nicole is now an adult, 21 years old, married with a family of her own and a small daughter to look after.

The young woman had lived all her life thinking about what had happened to Chloe and where the little dog might be, especially after her grandmother's death but she did not have any idea where Chloe could be.

However, now as an adult and a mother, Nicole wanted very much to adopt a puppy dog to be able to offer her little daughter the chance to live the unique experience of having a pet dog.

One day, Nicole herself found on an animal website for dog adoptions and she saw a post about a dog that was a mix between a poodle and a pomeranian, very old and that looked very similar to her previous pet dog Chloe.

And to be honest, even the name was the same! So, Nicole did not think twice about contacting the website and immediately adopting the dog!


And her intuition has proven to be correct, in fact, years later, Nicole has found her old dog. "She behaves exactly like my Chloe," the young woman says, "I know for sure that it is her!"

Nicole believes that the fact that she has found her Chloe is a sign from her grandmother, who passed away a few years ago and that everything makes more sense in this respect.

This is certainly a story with a happy ending, but which is quite simply unbelievable!

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