The story of Ranger, the German shepherd with dwarfism who will remain a puppy forever -
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The story of Ranger, the German shepherd…
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The story of Ranger, the German shepherd with dwarfism who will remain a puppy forever


It looks like a little puppy at first glance, but it is not.

The male German Sheperd dog that is the protagonist of this true story is called Ranger and he is affected by a rare syndrome called pituitary dwarfism, which makes him appear to be physiologically a puppy no matter his real chronological age.

However, despite this particular aspect, Ranger is a model of vitality for all his fellow canine friends!

Yes, because, although he has been diagnosed with dwarfism, he continues to love to run and play as if he were a newborn puppy that is facing the world for the first time.

When Ranger was adopted, this magnificent specimen of German Shepherd had already fought against major infections such as coccidiosis and giardiasis and had almost died.

However, although Ranger had successfully survived these two very serious diseases, the two owners began to notice that Ranger showed no signs of growing.

The mystery was then revealed by a veterinarian - the German shepherd was suffering from pituitary dwarfism, which blocked the functioning and production of growth hormones.

In fact, Ranger would forever remain as a small puppy, because even though for him the years would also pass - his body would never grow any bigger.

Despite the fact that in medical literature it is stated that dogs suffering from pituitary dwarfism do not have a very high life expectancy, at the moment Ranger does not seem to be suffering at all.

As a matter of fact, although Ranger continues to grow in age, the little German shepherd still has the vitality and the desire to run, play and explore the world ... like he was born yesterday!

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