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Every day this dog buys a cookie at…
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Every day this dog buys a cookie at the campus snack bar and pays with a leaf


There are dogs that show such insight and intuition that we cannot remain indifferent to some small but incredible events that involve them.

In fact, some dogs are so intelligent that we often say that the only thing they lack is the ability to speak!

Case in point is what happened at the Technical Institute of Monterrey Casanare, in Colombia, where Negro, a large black dog, very similar to a Labrador, "watches over" the teachers and students every day in exchange for some food.

The students, especially, were accustomed to giving him cookies from the campus snack bar to show him their heartfelt gratitude.

What the students did not know, was that the very intelligent dog had not just accepted those cookies, but he had carefully observed how humans procured that delicious treat! The smart dog had seen them exchanging "green paper" and receiving delicious snacks in return.

Therefore, having seen how things worked - the dog immediately took the opportunity to try it by himself! So, one fine day, in fact, he shows up at the campus snack bar with a big leaf in his mouth, wagging his tail waiting for his cookie!

The woman working at the campus snack bar couldn't believe her eyes! The dog's inventiveness had really exceeded all expectations.

Angela Garcia Bernal, a teacher at the institute, suggested that the dog had seen so many times that exchange of money in exchange for treats, that it had decided to try it alone.

Of course, the woman working at the campus snack bar was more than happy to give the dog a cookie, in exchange for the leaf.


From that moment on, the dog has continued to present himself every day with a leaf, so that it can receive his little sweet treat.

"He always pays with a leaf," said the woman from the campus snack bar, "it's his daily purchase". Obviously, the campus staff has decided to limit his daily ration of cookies, to preserve the dog's health.

One day, one of the teachers at the institute decided to publish a post on Facebook, narrating this curious story. The post soon went viral and thousands of people were impressed by the dog's intelligence.

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