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15 photos that express more than a thousand…
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15 photos that express more than a thousand words how much unconditional affection a pet can give us

August 30, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Animals also have feelings. Anyone who has decided to take in a four (or two-legged) friend knows this well. The affection, the sympathy, the love and the esteem that a pet can give you are endless.

With your pet, it is not necessary for you to try to court them or constantly do things to make them like you. Just you being you is enough and your presence is all that is needed to improve their day.

In addition, without a doubt, these wonderful creatures also improve your daily life. They become a part of the family and share with you joys, sorrows, anger or even just a simple moment of rest and affectionate cuddling.

The photos below are a clear example of all this and demonstrate that the love that these 15 animals feel for the human friends that they live with truly knows no bounds!

1. In just a few hours of being away, you already miss each other ...

2. Dogs also know how to hug us!


3. "My daughter is not feeling well today, but she has the two best doctors in the world at home with her."

4. Kiss ... feline style!

5. If this is not love ...


6. Fabulous!

7. Without a doubt he is his best friend!


8. This little dog's first day in his new home ...

9. "My girlfriend's dog has a thing for me."


10. "My sister went away for two weeks. On her return, here's how her cockatoo bird greeted her."

11. Every morning, this cat sits and waits together with this young boy for the school bus to arrive.

12. Just look at that wonderful hug!

13. It doesn't matter if you live in a house or on the street — your dog will never judge you!

14. The look of love ...

15. He also seems to be smiling happily!


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