These 10 sentences spoken by a child may suggest that their parents are doing a good job -
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These 10 sentences spoken by a child…
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These 10 sentences spoken by a child may suggest that their parents are doing a good job

August 23, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Those who have children know this well - parenting a child is not easy - and it is possible to truly realize this only when you have your own children and as parents, you have to try to raise them.

No one can teach someone the "job" of being a parent. And putting and keeping your children on the right path is by no means simple. Every parent can make mistakes or succeed in certain situations, but this can only be done, above all, by trying. To ask oneself if you are on the right track and if you are taking all the right steps is absolutely legitimate and normal.

The statements listed here below, in this sense, can give you a hand. Probably many of you as parents have already heard these words from your own children, especially in moments of anger and resentment.

No problem! In fact, if they have said these things, that is a good sign! It just means that you are doing a good job in your role as parents and educators! Now, let's see take a look at these ten famous statements.

1. "You never buy me anything!"

It means that your efforts to make your children understand the value of things and hard-earned money are bearing fruit.

2. "My friends have a smartphone and I don't."

Very good! Wanting at all costs what others have, just to show off, is certainly not a good thing.

3. "You always tell me what to do!"

Maybe, sometimes, a parent can exaggerate, but hearing a statement like that from a child means that you are taking responsibility and trying to make them understand what is important to focus on in life.

4. "I'm tired of always having to tidy up my room!"

Parents are not "at the beck and call" of their children! Learning to manage their own spaces means growing up to be more respectful of their space and other people's space as well.

5. "You don't love me."

This is a phrase that can be blurted out in moments of anger, but do not worry! It is often said only as a way to get more attention!

6. "You never let me go out at night."

Everything in its time! Today's children definitely want to grow too fast. When the time comes, they can go out alone, and in the evening.

7. "Why do we have to have dinner together every day?"

Obviously, you are trying to make your children understand how important it is to spend time together with your family, and this is certainly commendable.

8. "I don't want to do my homework."

Homework for children is like going to work for parents! We do not always want to get up and go, but we have to do it. It is important that children understand this as early as possible.

9. "Why can't I be on Facebook?"

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or another social network, if your child asks you this question, it means that you are managing to make them understand that these are not always "safe places". Indeed, often having an account or a page just means following a fad and they will have time to do all of this when they grow up if they choose to do so.

10. "You are the best, I love you so much."

Parental life is not all requests and complaints. Being good fathers or mothers also means receiving gratitude and deep affection. Maybe, sometimes we would like to hear this statement more often, but when it happens it is definitely a beautiful moment, and we can be sure that our children, despite everything, truly love us.


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