This young man lost 176 lb (80 kg) to be able to donate his kidney and save his younger sister's life -
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This young man lost 176 lb (80 kg) to…
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This young man lost 176 lb (80 kg) to be able to donate his kidney and save his younger sister's life


When little 13-year-old Denise Coronado discovered that her kidneys were not functioning as they should, it was a real blow for the whole family.

Seeing the young girl going every day for dialysis was really heartbreaking, especially for her older brother, Jonathan.

Yet one day, they discovered that they had a glimmer of hope! Jonathan was a compatible donor and could give her one of his kidneys.

But the bad news was that it was impossible because of Jonathan's weight! In fact, at the time, Jonathan weighed almost 374 lb (170 kg).

image: Jonathan Coronado

This news, in the beginning, caused the young man a lot of distress. He had always been used to being considered "overweight", and had always tried to avoid photographs and mirrors because he didn't like his image.

But now, the idea that the extra pounds prevented him from saving his sister's life made him feel even more guilty. That was why he knew he had to make a drastic decision.

Jonathan began to follow a strict diet. He eliminated carbonated drinks, bread, and sweets from his meals. The positive impact on his energy levels was almost immediate, and he began to take long walks in the park.

Moreover, his sister's serious condition gave him the strength to stick to his diet, and in a few months, he had lost 100 lb (45 kg).

In addition to approaching the finish line, Jonathan began to feel increasingly fit and more confident in himself. Therefore, he made some further changes to his diet and continued to lose weight by also doing more sports activities.

Consequently, he quickly arrived at 194 lb (88 kg), and the response of the doctors was not long in coming! In fact, they said that he was ready to donate his kidney.

image: Jonathan Coronado

Today, Jonathan has not only rediscovered the joy of living and feeling at ease with his body, but he has also literally witnessed the rebirth of his little sister.

The kidney transplant was a complete success, and now the young girl is a joyful and sociable high school student, who has started going out and doing all the things that dialysis prevented her from doing.

All thanks to the love and determination of her older brother who gave her the greatest gift that can ever be given and received: Life.

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