She finds her dog after 8 years! Here is the moving story of this woman and her chihuahua, Maya -
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She finds her dog after 8 years! Here…
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She finds her dog after 8 years! Here is the moving story of this woman and her chihuahua, Maya


Only those who own a pet and love it as a member of their family know the feeling of dread at the thought of losing their beloved pet, due to an illness, or suddenly losing it.

In 2011, Silvia, an inhabitant of Latina (near Rome, Italy) suddenly lost her chihuahua dog, Maya, that seemed to have just disappeared into thin air without leaving a trace!

For a long time, the distraught woman had tried to find Maya and bring her back home. But, unfortunately, the search had proved fruitless. Then, at the beginning of August 2019, a miracle occurred --- Silvia was notified that her little dog had been found!

The announcement was made for the first time by the news channel TGcom24, in a report in which the story was told and the amazing video was shown of the moving encounter between the little dog, Maya, and Silvia, her previous owner.

The extraordinary discovery is the result of the commitment of the Guardie Zoophile Ambientali Norsaa Latina, an Italian environmental agency dedicated to the protection and safeguarding of animals, that had had never stopped looking for the little dog, despite the logistical difficulties.

The key clue was the identification microchip that the dog had been implanted with, however, the contact number provided at the time of registration with the canine registry office was no longer active after such a long time.

However, with a little investigation, the Norsaa operators were able to trace the woman's new address, and they called her immediately to notify her about her little dog, Maya.

When Silvia heard that Maya was still alive and would be returned to her, she was shocked, happy but at the same time incredulous! And it was not until she saw Maya with her own eyes, and was able to hold her again did she realize that it was really true!

Then, all the pain and sadness, that she had experienced in those years finally disappeared - in an instant -- among the tears and hugs.

The sweet little dog is now 8 years older and has some white hair, but the bond of love between her and her owner Silvia has remained intact. The images of their reunion have also been posted on social media and have quickly gone viral.

In the exciting image sequences, you can see the emotion on Silvia's happy face as she kisses and caresses little Maya with astonishment. The look on her face is that of someone who had thought that they would never see someone so important again, believing them to be lost forever.

Fortunately, sometimes good things happen, and sometimes in life, there is also a happy ending.

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