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5 instinctive perceptions to which you…
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5 instinctive perceptions to which you should always listen!


In everyday situations, we act according to patterns dictated by experience and our own temperament.

However, there is also a component, that of instinct, to which we should learn to pay attention.

But the innate sensitivity of each person is often polluted by previous experiences and fears absorbed or induced.

Consequently, it is difficult to distinguish when it is our instinct speaking and not one's paranoia!

Here is how to understand the difference.

Exaggerated or unmotivated fear can be the result of reflection, even unconscious, so rapid and automatic as to seem a sensation of warning. Instinct, however, is what comes a moment before reflection, what the body knows before the mind has realized it, and it is in these situations that we must follow our instinct.

  • When something comes naturally. Following one's inclinations is the passport to happiness. In work as in relationships, one must feel that what one is doing is absolutely spontaneous. If you are totally comfortable in that situation then it may mean that you are on the right path.
  • When you are not feeling completely well. The body naturally knows what is good or bad, and knows how to communicate when its resources need to be regenerated. It is better to listen to your body, take a break and not force yourself to do something that you are not ready for physically or mentally.
  • When something transmits positive vibrations immediately. If a voice inside tells us that everything is fine, maybe it is true. We must allow ourselves to be carried away by what communicates happiness and well-being, trusting in our own emotional intelligence and responses.
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  • When you feel you have to help someone. Often we sense an inner voice that urges us to lend a hand even to those who we do not know. There is no need for explanations, it can only mean that at that particular moment you are destined to be there for that specific person.
  • When something seems dangerous. To think that something is dangerous is different from feeling it in your gut. If you suddenly feel uncomfortable, it is better not to ignore that perception, because it is one of the most ancient and effective defense mechanisms created by nature - for survival!

Listening to your instincts can make the difference between success and failure. Moreover, your instincts can help you protect yourself from risks and guide you towards what can really make you happy.

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