Here are the signs that indicate that you are surrounded by negative energy and here is how to eliminate it! -
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Here are the signs that indicate that…
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Here are the signs that indicate that you are surrounded by negative energy and here is how to eliminate it!


Long ago, people used to turn to their grandmothers to get rid of the "evil eye" --- that so-called nefarious cloud of negative energy that hovered over people and took possession of their lives.

In any case, it was believed that by reciting specific words in a secret formula and using "proven" ritualistic procedures, the "evil eye" could be removed.

Today we no longer speak of the evil eye, but of negative energy, which sometimes seems to pervade every corner of our existence.

But is it really possible to eliminate negativity from our life? First of all, we need to identify it in order to be able to deal with it by adopting less "magical" but more concrete practices than what was used before.

If it is true that the evil eye does not exist, it is also true that there are undoubtedly moments in our lives when everything seems to go wrong.

When this happens, our professional or personal life, our state of mind, everything is invested by a dark cloud of negative energy. The first step to take to get the situation under control is to identify the specific negativity that is influencing our life.

Ten signs of negative energy:

1. You constantly experience highs and lows and sudden mood swings. You are tired even if you rest or sleep.

2. No one understands you. It seems to you that communication with the world has stopped. No one appears to be able to understand anything you say.

3. You don't know where your money goes! And you do not know how but your economic situation is getting worse and worse.

4. You are always getting sick. It seems as if your body's resistance has collapsed and you go from one illness to another.

5. You can never find anything, even when it is, right there, under your nose. Your watch, keys, smartphone, everything seems to have a life of its own.

6. You experience a feeling of dazed emptiness. You are not able to concentrate on anything, and your mind seems disconnected from your body.

7. As soon as you try to relax, your mind immediately goes, all by itself, to sad and negative thoughts.

8. You cannot keep up with your work or daily activities. You have lots of things to do but you are not able to finish anything.

9. Your sleep is disturbed by nightmares. It seems to you that your subconscious is trying to tell you something.

10. You can never find time to take care of yourself. You are letting yourself go.

Only your own will and determination can distance you from a wave of negative energy!

Try taking a warm bath, perhaps with essential oils, to relax and take your mind off of your bad thoughts.

In addition, prayer can also be a comfort if you believe in a Higher Power or a deity.

Change your home environment, make it different, and more welcoming. Get rid of clutter and whatever is superfluous in drawers and closets.

And above all, put your pride aside and try asking for help. You will be amazed to see how many people care about you.

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