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We often say that we are just very tired,…
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We often say that we are just very tired, but the real truth is ... we are sad.


Probably, at least once, it has happened in everyone's life.

Suddenly, everyday life appears to be overwhelming us and, if we pause to look at it for a second, we fail to grasp the sense of it all. It is if we were suddenly emptied of all the energy and strength that allowed us to go on until then.

These are unpleasant feelings, of which we often cannot even understand the reason. If we were forced to try to explain what has come over us, we would not be able to say anything, and we would tend to label our state of mind with the most diverse definitions: tiredness, stress, or general malaise. 

However, sometimes, it is appropriate to go a little deeper to try to understand if they are more important reasons why we feel so bad.

Beware of false or presumed tiredness, because often, instead, we could actually be caught in a vortex of sadness that is spiraling downward and out of control.

Consequently, we try to shake it off and we do not want to accept it but the sadness is always there, to remind us that, no matter what we do, something is wrong. 

Instead of wearing ourselves out trying to quickly chase away these feelings, without even consciously acknowledging them or talking about them, it would be more appropriate for us to stop for a moment.

That's right. Just stop! In these cases, reflection is the best ally. Only by honestly analyzing the aspects of our life that we like and dislike can we fully understand the reasons for our emotional and psychological discomfort. 

Therefore, stop blaming it on stress or physical fatigue! If we are sad, we should accept it and deal with it. With a good dose of introspection, our lack of energy and enthusiasm can be a wake-up call that pushes us to shake up our lives and solve the real underlying problems. 

Consequently, no medication to take and no disease to treat. Nevertheless, sadness is not something to fight blindly. If we learn to treat it as a starting point, as an inner voice that is urging us to improve, then it will give us a hand in many situations!


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