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My children are my top priority and…
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My children are my top priority and everything else can wait!

July 09, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When a couple has a child, it is a unique moment in their lives, and as new parents, they begin to think of taking care of another human being rather than just themselves. 

As a father and mother, they find themselves reborn in a new role that entails new responsibilities and often new ways of living or even a completely different lifestyle.

Consequently, soon, the surrounding world, people, life events and even work, end up taking on different levels of importance in the eyes of the new parents. 

So much so that parents sometimes, especially mothers, find themselves giving up something that was part of their lives, for the good of the family and to give top priority to their children.


When children arrive in the family, they not only take over the house, they fill their parents' lives. The whole world is transformed both emotionally and pragmatically.

Yes! Because when you have children there are so many things to do and think about! Feeding them, educating them, and preparing them to serenely and successfully enter the world. 

As parents, we work hard to teach and train them so that they can become responsible and thoughtful adults who will one day have their own plans and their own family.

A parent never stops being a parent and is always thinking about what is good for their child.

But things are not always easy, especially when both parents work and there is no one nearby who can help take care of the children, like for example, grandparents.

Consequently, this is why so many mothers choose to leave work in order to be able to completely take care of their children.

Therefore, often, for parents, the world can wait, because nothing is worth more than the time spent with their children to give and receive their smiles and their hugs.

Leaving work is never an easy choice and for many, it is not even advisable, but it is still a personal choice and as such should be respected. Each of us knows our own economic situation and living conditions, and everyone has to answer only to the needs of their own family.

Accordingly, there are many things to consider when making these decisions, and since we do not know intimately each and every person we cannot list all the possible factors.

In any case, it would be a good idea not to criticize and point fingers at others! In fact, everyone has the right to experience parenthood as they wish.


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