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A dog is abandoned on a street, but…
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A dog is abandoned on a street, but a surveillance camera video nails its cruel owner


Abandoning one's pet on the street is an abominable act, fortunately, punishable by law.

Yet this sad human practice is carried out even more than one might think, and the victims of this cruel gesture are our four-legged friends.

The abandoned dogs are frightened and astonished, suddenly left alone without an owner or a loving family, just like the dog that is the protagonist of this story that broke our hearts.

Snoop was discovered by a passerby after being abandoned by the roadside, and is recovering amazingly in our care. He's...

Pubblicato da RSPCA (England & Wales) su Mercoledì 2 gennaio 2019

Snoop, the dog protagonist of this story, was abandoned by its owner a few days before Christmas 2018 in the village of Trentham in England.

The video of the actual abandonment was recorded by the surveillance cameras, and they caught the images of the inhuman and criminal act of the man in flagrant. These images also, unfortunately, highlighted the torment and disorientation of the poor dog, left on the street with its "dog bed" without ceremony.

Hours later (the video was recorded at 5:00 pm on 17 December 2018) a passer-by noticed poor Snoop and immediately alerted the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), an association that deals with the protection and care of stray dogs abandoned on the streets. The association immediately took care of Snoop, who is now lovingly cared for in one of their private kennels.

Thanks to the shares obtained on Twitter, the RSPCA was able to find the information necessary to trace the previous owner and to raise awareness about the abandonment of dogs.

People should know about the laws that are being broken when one makes this cruel gesture that is without humanity and also about the psychological damage that is caused to our poor four-legged friends, that are only eager for warmth and affection.


If you ever have to deal with an abandoned dog, here below are the behaviors and gestures that we advise you to use to help the unfortunate animal: 

  • Be very patient with the abandoned dog 
  • Use very low tones of voice and try to make movements around the dog that are very calm and slow 
  • Never try to make the dog do things it does not want to do 
  • Take the dog for long walks in the park or in the woods. Walking relaxes the animal and releases endorphin, the happiness hormone 

This story about Snoop is a warning to all those who in the past have made the inhuman gesture of abandoning their dog, and if you ever find such an individual on your path, immediately call the competent authorities!

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