How to best manage children's whims and outbursts according to the Montessori method -
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How to best manage children's whims…
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How to best manage children's whims and outbursts according to the Montessori method


The management of a child's anger and outbursts often puts parents in difficulty as they constantly ask themselves how and if to intervene.

One of the most authoritative aids on the subject comes from the Montessori Method of Education which can become a valid ally in preventing these behaviors and attitudes. 

Whether you are a fan of the method or of Maria Montessori, you could certainly find some interesting ideas to think about, especially with regards to anger management.

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Everything starts from a principle, namely, that of the child's autonomy.

The child must be able to move freely and in complete autonomy in the home. Everything must be arranged for this purpose, from toys to chairs, from beds to books.

Giving children real tasks will help the little ones to feel engaged.

Talking to them with respect, empathy and bending over to maintain eye contact, these appear to be the fundamental steps.

Another tip to prevent anger is to implement a gentle routine. The certainty of some activities does not disturb children, in fact, it makes them more peaceful and quiet. This gentle routine also includes the management of meals or snacks with a certain cadence, and not randomly, just to be clear.

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We must try to understand the needs of the child, and then transform them into specific activities. For example, a child who has been at school all day will probably want to run to "let off steam". 

Another fundamental "secret" concerns the established rules. There are things where there is room for negotiation and others on which to insist more, but always with explanations and not impositions. 

We should never stop identifying ourselves with the child, but without too much paranoia, just to understand the child more easily, to fully understand the child's needs. 

Blackmail is absolutely counterproductive, better not to impose, but to let the child choose. Obviously, not with a total lack of guidelines but rather with a choice between several well-considered options.

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And above all, if every attempt seems vain, it is essential not to overreact

We must always remain calm and respond with empathy, because, remember, parents are the first examples for their children. 

Even anger, after all, is an emotion and as such should be lived and experienced and not suffocated or repressed.


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