Performing these exercises for 10 minutes a day will help eliminate back and sciatic nerve pain -
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Performing these exercises for 10 minutes…
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Performing these exercises for 10 minutes a day will help eliminate back and sciatic nerve pain


From the days of our physical education classes (PE!) at school to the instructions given to us by all the gym and fitness trainers in every gym that we have enrolled in during our life, and although, we promptly quit, nevertheless, we have always heard about the importance of stretching. 

In most cases, this type of exercise is often overlooked, deemed unnecessary or a waste of time.

But that is absolutely not true! In fact, muscle and tendon stretching is essential, here is a simple routine that can change your life for the better.

Spinal twist pose

While sitting, stretch your legs out in front, bend your left knee and place your right elbow on it. Rest your left hand on the floor, looking over your left shoulder while turning your head. Hold the pose for 60 seconds and then change sides.

Cobra pose

Lying on your stomach, you have to stretch your legs backward, placing your hands on the floor below your shoulders.

Then lift the upper part of the body by straightening the elbows and tilting the head backward, holding the pose for about two minutes.


Head to the knee pose

Sitting on the floor with the left leg extended and the right knee bent, let the right foot touch the inner thigh. Lean to the left, grab the left foot with both hands, holding the pose for 60 seconds and then change sides.

Downward Facing Dog pose

image: pexels

Plant hands and feet on the floor shoulder width. Keep arms and legs straight and maintain pressure and the pose for about two minutes.

Frog pose

Sitting on the floor with your feet under your buttocks and knees apart, you have to lift yourself up only with your butt while keeping your feet firmly planted.

Then with your hands make incremental "steps" by sliding your hands forward trying to get as far away as possible from the center of the body. Allow your knees and legs to separate until your thighs are stretched, holding the pose for about two minutes.


Performing these exercises regularly can help you sleep better as well as reducing tension, back pain, and soreness which produces more relaxed sleep and prevents nighttime cramps.

Stretching helps to acquire the kinesthetic awareness of our body, allowing us to become aware of muscles that we did not even suspect we possessed.

Elongation of the body also improves coordination, reduces states of anxiety or stress and increases the general sensation of well-being, and it even affects the health of our organs.

In addition, individuals who suffer from cold hands and feet will be able to perceive a reduction in the sensation of numbness due to poor circulation, saying goodbye to tingling and chills -- also to those that are out of season.

Lastly, remember that greater vigor and fluency also translate into less laziness and eliminating that feeling of lethargy that can strike in the middle of the day, thereby, making you more active and productive. Some people have also managed to alleviate musculoskeletal pain to the point of no longer needing other remedies or even medication. 

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