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A two-year-old girl lost her life when…
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A two-year-old girl lost her life when she chewed on her mom's smartphone charger


When you are dealing with children, as you know, one can never pay too much attention.

Little children are, in fact, so exuberant and curious that it only takes a second for them to get into trouble, sometimes even in a very serious way.

Unfortunately, this is now well known by a family that has lived through the terrible story that we are about to tell you, hoping that their experience will teach other parents --- so that an episode of this kind will not happen again.

The incident happened in India, in a situation in which we could all find ourselves.

To be specific: a two-year-old girl was taken by her mother Razia to visit her grandparents; and suddenly, the little girl found herself in an uncontrolled environment, and her mother's momentary distraction led to terrible consequences.

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In fact, it all happened in a matter of seconds! The mother had left the smartphone charger attached to the electric socket, the little baby girl, found it, started biting on it and received a very strong electric shock.

Despite the timely intervention of the emergency response team, a local newspaper reported that when the little girl arrived at the hospital, she was already lifeless. 

We can only imagine the pain of a family that has experienced a tragedy like that, something for which, probably, we would not forgive ourselves for the remainder of our lives.

image: dc-ct.com

Technological devices make life much easier but can become a potential source of lethal danger.

Always remember to unplug the smartphone charger from the electric socket or turn off the power strip switch; in this way, we are able to prevent not only dangerous accidents but also to avoid excessive energy consumption.

We hope that this family's terrible experience will serve at least to convince other families to pay more attention.

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