According to a Japanese personal trainer, breathing exercises might be the best way to burn belly fat -
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According to a Japanese personal trainer,…
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According to a Japanese personal trainer, breathing exercises might be the best way to burn belly fat


Abdominal fat is not only unsightly but also harmful to our health.

Extra inches on one's waistline are, in fact, the symptom of an organism that accumulates more than it consumes, therefore, it mirrors an imbalance that on a biological level can result in serious pathologies.

The most traditional way to keep fit is to combine healthy eating and physical exercise, but there is also another Japanese technique known as the "long-breath diet". 

NB: This exercise is very simple and relaxing, but before starting any physical activity, it is advisable to always contact your doctor to verify that there are no limitations or contraindications whatsoever.

This technique originated by pure chance when the famous Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke found himself suffering from severe back pains.
Therefore, his doctors prescribed for him a series of breathing exercises designed specifically to strengthen the center of the body aka the core, which is the abdomen and lumbar area, without the need for excessive physical exercise.
image: Youtube

The therapy had a pleasant "side effect" as Ryosuke managed to lose about 29 lb (13 kg) and as much as 5 inches (13 cm) of waistline in 50 days, performing these movements daily for only 2-10 minutes.

image: Youtube

Fat cells are composed of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen, the latter being supplied by breathing and inhaling air and when air is exhaled it decomposes into carbon and water.

So the more oxygen is used by the body, the more fat is burned. Here, in detail, is how to do the exercises.

image: Youtube

First phase. Bring one foot forward and put 90% of your weight on the back foot.

Contract your buttocks, hold the position, while inhaling air for three seconds and raising your arms above your head.

Exhale for three seconds while lowering your arms, trying to contract all the muscles of the body. Do this exercise for two to five minutes a day.

image: Youtube

Second phase. Standing up, point your toes outwards and contract your buttocks. Then place the palm of one hand on the abdomen and the back of the other hand on the lower back.

Draw in the belly and hold this position for three seconds. Exhale for seven seconds contracting the belly inward.

Do this exercise for two to five minutes a day (if you want to see the explanatory video of the exercise, click here!). 

This exercise technique must obviously be combined with a healthy lifestyle and nutrition that assists one in taking good care of one's mental and physical well-being.

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