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Her son makes fun of his poorer companions,…
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Her son makes fun of his poorer companions, so his mother gives him an exemplary lesson


Children can sometimes be very cruel to their peers - and unfortunately, bullying is a widespread phenomenon in our society that affects everyone in the world without distinction.

This is true, especially at school, where it frequently happens that children are mocked by their companions because of how they dress, the places they frequent or how they behave habitually.

Fortunately, there are still parents who are willing and able to teach their children respect for others and, where necessary, take action against their own little bullies.

So lately, my 13 year old son had been acting a little... entitled. Acting like he's too good to shop at Wal-Mart or...

Pubblicato da Cierra Brittany Forney su Domenica 25 marzo 2018

The story we want to narrate involves the mother of a 13-year-old boy, who had begun to exhibit a bad attitude towards some of his classmates.

Cierra Forney, after realizing that her 13-year-old son made fun of his classmates because they bought their clothes from Walmart or second-hand clothing stores, decided to give him an important life lesson.

The woman took her son to the cheapest store in town and forced him to spend $20 of his own money, on second-hand clothes that he would then wear at school for the following week.

Cierra's story immediately went viral thanks to a post on Facebook. In a very short time, the post was shared by thousands of people who evidently appreciated the punishment the young mother had imposed on her son.

What do you think about it?

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