You turn around and you no longer see your child: This family's story teaches us what to do in these cases -
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You turn around and you no longer see…
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You turn around and you no longer see your child: This family's story teaches us what to do in these cases

May 01, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The news, unfortunately, is full of episodes in which children are lost in public or crowded places, sometimes with dramatic epilogues.

For a parent, the mere thought of turning around and not finding their child next to them is equivalent to a real nightmare.

A similar story happened to little Jake, a terrifying experience that can serve as a warning and a lesson about how to act if such a situation occurs.

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When it all happened Jake was just 4 years old, and he was on vacation with his family in Bournemouth, a seaside resort on the south coast of England. That day, he was with his mother Lucinda, as the two walked holding hands in the crowd during a beach fairgrounds event. 

Lucinda stopped at a stall to browse and she only left Jake's hand for a few moments, but when she turned to take it back, her little boy was gone! After the first moment of fright, she tried to stay calm and began to call her son's name out loud, counting on the fact that he would never have gone very far without her.
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She attracted the attention of a British Army cadet who was helping to supervise the event and explained the situation to him and he and another cadet immediately joined the woman in her search.

They went around the whole beach fairground shouting, "We're looking for a small boy. He's four years old, he's blond and he's wearing a red shirt. Has anyone seen him?!"

Their speed of action and knowing how to communicate simple and essential information proved to be crucial.

Jake was, indeed found, about 15 minutes later at another location on the beach fairgrounds. Later, it was discovered that the little boy had not wandered off by himself and he told his mother about being brought there by a man who had promised to show him a real plane.

image: pxhere

Apparently, his mother's and the cadets' loud yelling and shouting out the description of the little boy had attracted the attention of many people, forcing the would-be kidnapper to quickly escape and leave the little boy behind. 

Despite the big scare, fortunately, everything was resolved in the best way possible, but we must always be on our guard because these dangerous individuals are constantly looking for victims. 

No one ever hopes to live such a horrible quarter of an hour like the one Jake and his mother experienced, but if it ever happens, remember that being calm and acting quickly is crucial.

One must immediately attract people's attention, give easily understandable and recognizable descriptions and indications, so that everyone's eyes become one's own.

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