6 things you will regret after losing…
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6 things you will regret after losing a strong woman with a tender heart!

April 28, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

During an entire lifetime, it can happen that one falls in love often but rarely does one truly love.

When this happens, it means that one has had the good fortune to meet a special woman, capable of great strength and who is not afraid to open herself completely by showing her feelings.

Meeting one of these wonderful people rarely happens and unfortunately, very often, they are recognized and appreciated only after having been lost.

Here is what one realizes and regrets when it is too late:

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  • She was your best friend. Not only did you lose your partner, your lover, but also a confidant, a life companion who knew you like no one else, she knew how to make you smile and could complete you. 
  • She would never have betrayed you. You have let go of a loyal person. Unfortunately, there are few people like her who are, honest and faithful, which are increasingly rare qualities today. 
  • She loved you for how you were. She did not care about your faults, she did not look for perfection but only someone to love who would truly reciprocate her feelings. The affection she gave you was sincere and disinterested, but you let it slip away. 
  • She would never have hurt you. One of her most beautiful qualities was respect for others. She would never have said or done anything that could hurt you because she loved you too much. Unfortunately, you did not know how to appreciate it. 
  • She always knew how to encourage you. In every challenge or project, she was able to bring out the best in you increasing your determination and your enthusiasm. Now, there is no one to motivate you and tell you that you will succeed. 
  • She never abandoned you. Even the people closest to us sometimes abandon us in moments of difficulty, but she would have stayed by your side to support you and love you unconditionally.
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Often one fantasizes too much about the woman of one's dreams, without realizing that she was already at one's side. It seems to be almost a universal law to realize the value of the treasure that one possessed only after it has been lost.

Furthermore, thinking that there is always a better opportunity hiding around the corner is just an illusion, a dangerous attitude that condemns one to eternal dissatisfaction.

Moreover, when the greatest love of one's life has gone away forever, one is also forced to say goodbye to the last opportunity of a full and happy existence.

Remember that enjoying the beauty of simple things does not mean to be content with mediocrity but instead, it means knowing how to recognize a true blessing.

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