Here is why your older sister is one of the most important people in your life -
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Here is why your older sister is one…
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Here is why your older sister is one of the most important people in your life


When there is more than one child in the family, especially when there is harmony, affection, and understanding, an extraordinary bond is created, that resists time and distance.

At any time, you know you can count on someone who has grown up with you in the same environment, knows your defects and virtues, and who will always be there to give their support.

Today, we are going to talk about the relationship between sisters and the reasons that make an older sister a lifelong best friend.

  • There are no secrets with her. The intimacy that is established between sisters is unique, so much so that you can run around the room in your underwear with curlers and a beauty mask on your face. Such a feeling of confidence and freedom can never be experienced again with any other person. 
  • She has lived the same experiences. Whether it is the changes experienced in adolescence, the first disappointment in love or to have messed up big time, an older sister has already gone through it all first and knows how to handle the situation, and also your parents. 
  • Her clothes closet is better than a boutique. Every girl with a sister has borrowed her sister's clothes, with or without her permission. Your sister always knows how to dress fashionably and often your favorite T-shirt is the one that once belonged to her. 
  • She will always tell the truth, even if it hurts. Even your best friend can hold back in expressing her opinion, for fear of hurting you or a desire to avoid confrontation. An older sister knows how to be ruthless, and this is essential to always maintain a sense of measure and reality. 
  • She is more effective than a psychoanalyst. An older sister is able to give the best advice, in a disinterested and sincere way; better than a session with a head-shrinker and moreover -- it is free!
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A simple list is certainly not enough to describe all the reasons that make an older sister an important and valuable life companion.

The essence, however, is that this wonderful person with whom, you as a girl, were lucky enough to grow up,  is also a part of your family and a home that is a place to come back to whenever you need help and understanding.

In fact, the arms of an older sister are the most welcoming and affectionate after those of your mother because they both have seen you, as a new baby arrive in the family and have learned to love you and to protect you from everything.

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