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27 photos that show us how cats bring…
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27 photos that show us how cats bring a lot of love into the house, but also big-time chaos!

April 10, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

There is no one who in front of the image of a kitten -- all fluffy fur and big sweet eyes is not overwhelmed by a sense of tenderness and the irresistible desire to hold it in one's arms, to cuddle it and cover it with kisses.

Arms, that by the way, could probably also be marked with scratches and bites, especially if the cat is not yours!

Therefore, yes, cats are adorable, but they are also able to create disarray and chaos around the house - just so as not to bore you too much.

So know that by adopting a big beautiful cat you will see some funny scenarios - such as in the images that follow. But be assured that they will pay you back with double the love!

 1. When you order a cat not to sit on your computer keyboard, and he understands and obeys you.

image: imgur

2. The sense of your hygiene in the eyes of the cat

image: imgur

3. The attempt to take a family photo all together on Valentine's Day ... could it be that the cat is jealous?

4. The cat was resentful that we were away from home, so he tore open a package of hamburger buns and took a bite of each!

5. Predictable.


6. An intruder between the sheets!

7. He has already ruined two plants. And it's not even their cat!


8. "Reasons why my cat is mad at me: I don't let him sit on my food; I didn't let him bite my arm; I didn't let him touch the iron; I didn't let him put his head in the hot oven. His life is a challenge ..."

9. He turned over all his bowls, so his owner tried to give him a plate ...


10. He wanted to enjoy the view outside the window, but with discretion, so he cut a small hole all by himself by dint of bites!

11. Giving moral support to its owner

12. Instead of going through the opening in the box, he decided to make his own entry point.

13. Are you complaining or talking to "something" no one else can see?

 14. Her cat loves to dig into her owner's old nursing bras and embarrass her by showing them to guests!

15. Since these bills stress out their owner, they decided to get rid of them!

16. Oh, no! Looks like the cat had fun with her daughter's school project!

17. That armchair has been there for 8 years. But it took only 3 months for the cat to reduce it to this state.

18. You cannot find the cat? Try taking a look in your chest of drawers!

19. He thought it was funny to throw his owner's house shoe into the toilet!

"My cat just dipped his paw into my soup and wiped it on the sofa when he didn't like it!"

21. A very original and very effective alarm clock!

 22. His AirPods had disappeared, as had all his lighters for months. Then he discovered his cat's stash hidden behind the stove!

23. Often cats are fully aware of what they are about to do ...

 24. His owner tried everything to convince the cat to sleep in its cat bed. Nothing can be done about it --- he prefers the cardboard box.

"Me: Feeds her, brushes her, buys her toys, entertains her every whim, lays down my life for her. My cat: "I think I hate all of it.

 26. He got into the food pantry, nibbled popcorn and croquettes, destroyed something and then fell asleep.

27. When you drop a ring and a hairclip in the sink and ask your cat for help

Cats are certainly little pests, but without these incurable and tender mischief-makers, our lives would not be as rich in love and laughter! Therefore, let them continue to display all of their lunacy, and we will continue to repair the damage --- when and whenever possible!

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