To my mother-in-law --- Thank you for raising the wonderful man I fell in love with -
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To my mother-in-law --- Thank you for…
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To my mother-in-law --- Thank you for raising the wonderful man I fell in love with

February 22, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It is said that a man seeks as a companion in his life, a woman like a mother.

Yes, she who raised him, protected and loved him above all things in the world, and who often remains as an indispensable reference point for evaluating every potential partner. 

It is clear, that such a comparison is not at all easy to face, nor is it an easy exam to be passed. And who can ever match the "best of women"? The answer is simple: she who wins the mom's heart.

And if this should require time and energy, dear ladies, never lose sight of a fundamental point: you both love the same man.

Not only that: remember that without the mother-in-law that man we love so much would not be there next to us, today, and he would not be the person he is.

This should be a valid enough reason to be grateful to her and because of the way she raised him, that boy became the man of our life. The principles that guide him in his actions, his character, all that we fell in love with and the reasons we chose him, are the fruit of long hard work - as only we women can understand. 

The ability to love and be affectionate and the respect that our man shows towards us are not innate qualities, but derive from a precise example, and above all from having received - and reciprocated - the same love while growing up. If this were not true, he would not be able to show his feelings, and we would never have known that beautiful soul we chose as our companion. 

The help that he offers us in times of need, is the reflection of maternal support, which has never failed him, and which - recognizing it consciously or not - he returns to us.

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Thanks to his mother, to the efforts she has made in her lifetime, we do not have to try to educate her son, who is today, our life partner. 

For this reason, despite the differences and small misunderstandings; and although sometimes we hear the phrase "my mother does it this way"; despite being the woman with whom we will have to share our man forever; still we must thank our mother-in-law for the hard work that she did - and also remember that she can always come in handy to help care for her grandchildren.  ;)

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