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A real fighter is not the one who always…
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A real fighter is not the one who always wins, but the one who never gives up


There are women who have a warrior spirit, who face life with strength and dignity, taking full responsibility for their actions, and transforming the greatest difficulties into opportunities to reinvent themselves from scratch.

These women are fighters, not because they always win, but because they have the strength to never give up.

Day after day, they have the courage to pursue their dreams, the determination to work to get what they want, and the intelligence to change a life path that is wrong.

Maybe while on their path, it can happen that they fall, but they get back up more tenacious than before. In fact, they bend but they do not break, they can cry, but they know how to wipe away their tears and decide to smile again.

These words are dedicated to them.

image: Unsplash

Often, we are not really aware of what we are capable of until life puts us to the test. Only then do we find within ourselves resources that we did not even know we possessed, finding ourselves strong enough to withstand enormous pressures.

In those circumstances, what makes us suffer and fall, also becomes that which stirs and motivates us, turning it into a life lesson that we will never forget again

There is a difference between surrendering and accepting defeat. When we understand that we have done everything we can, then we can withdraw peacefully and with our heads held high.

To surrender, instead, means losing without fighting, and giving up even if, inside us, we know we could have fought harder, and this leaves a bitter taste in our mouth and a feeling that things are unresolved.

Life is like swimming in an ocean. Sometimes, we just have to let ourselves be carried away by the current, and simply wait, while at the same time preparing ourselves to be ready for when our time comes, to move our arms and legs and swim like never before.

At other times, the only solution is to float on the surface of the water, on a sea of adversity, without being ashamed or afraid of asking for help. Being supported when we need it, recognizing that we cannot do it alone, is not a sign of weakness but of strength and humility.

image: Unsplash

If you are a fighter you will certainly recognize yourself in these words. Maybe around you or next to you, there is someone who considers you to be weak, but let me tell you that nothing is farther from reality.

Never underestimate your abilities because your limits only exist in your mind. Learn how far you can go and you will be amazed, too.

If you are a real man, be grateful to have a warrior-like woman by your side, the kind of woman who struggles every day to carry on, while the world often passes them by without even noticing them.


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