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A child has seen his life changed by…
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A child has seen his life changed by a simple battery and now his parents want to sound an alarm

February 10, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Parents of young children know this very well; even the most mundane objects can constitute a danger for the lives of their children.

Their unbridled curiosity towards what they do not yet know leads them to perform rash actions. Sharp edges and objects are the first things that parents cover or hide to keep their children safe.

But the Rauch family has learned that a normal home hides other dangers that are often overlooked.

Emmett was an extremely curious child; he had just entered that toddler stage when children walk around the house attracted to everything they see. Therefore, he often put objects in his mouth to get to know them better or else he mistook them for something edible.

This is something that all children of his age do, for this reason, parents put away what most frequently causes domestic child accidents. Therefore, they had closed drawers, covered sharp edges, hidden dangerous and sharp objects, and checked to make sure that his toys had no ingestible parts. 

However, they did not think about batteries. Do you have any idea how many batteries we have at home? In the TV remote control, in gates, in the car keys, in games, and many other devices.

Somehow, Emmett had discovered how to open the TV remote control battery cover and he managed to take out the battery and put it in his mouth. It was one of those round and flat lithium batteries; most likely he thought it was a piece of candy. 

Swallowing that battery has changed his life forever. The lithium in the battery tore his trachea, esophagus, and stomach. And his vocal cords were irreparably damaged. He underwent numerous surgical operations that, fortunately, saved his life. Unfortunately, however, some damage will be permanent, such as those related to food ingestion.


After overcoming the shock and feelings of guilt for not having thought about batteries, Emmett's parents decided to do something to prevent other children from experiencing what happened to their son: they created an association that sensitizes couples to what can be a danger to children, especially batteries.

Very little lithium is needed to cause serious damage to organs; ingesting batteries, moreover, can also cause suffocation. Doing away with batteries at home is often not feasible, but it is possible to prevent children from coming in contact with them. Just make sure that the battery covers and compartments are intact and have a functioning closure --- and possibly reinforce the covers with glue or adhesive tape. 

These are easy and simple precautions that can save children's lives.

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