Dignified solitude is better than a relationship that does not satisfy us

by Shirley Marie Bradby

February 16, 2019

Dignified solitude is better than a relationship that does not satisfy us

All of us at a certain point in life have found ourselves in an unsatisfactory relationship and we chose to end it and to be alone.

But there are people who, out of fear of loneliness, stay in a relationship that does not complete them.

To underestimate the positive power of solitude for our well-being is a mistake because it forces us to remain connected to people who are not beneficial to our lives.

You have to be courageous and choose a restorative and dignified solitude rather than a false and demeaning relationship.

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Almost no one enjoys solitude. There is a fear of being alone forever. Time passes and we are afraid of not finding the right person and that we are too late to realize our life projects. 

These are fears that emerge when we desperately want to be with someone and so we throw ourselves into relationships even when they are wrong. And then we do all we can to keep a relationship alive that never should never even started.

The truth is that this is not how things should work. In fact, the priorities we set on everything must come from a dimension that allows us to feel good about ourselves - alone or with others - and to, 

  • Be ourselves; 
  • Start the day with a smile and no worries; 
  • Motivate us to improve; 
  • Feed our mind with positive thoughts; 
  • Not tolerate abuse and insults; 
  • Realize what we really want; 
  • Protect ourselves from people who hurt us; 

If a relationship does not involve any of this, then a dignified solitude is preferable. We must not degrade ourselves and settle for a relationship that makes us feel abused and guilty for having accepted situations of malaise, sadness, and dissatisfaction. 

If you are in this condition, it is time to act, to get rid of your fears and to put an end to toxic relationships. Then you will once again feel confident in yourself and be able to find the strength and perseverance to seek happiness. Also completely on your own.