Being in a bad mood makes you gain weight; important news from nutritionists -
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Being in a bad mood makes you gain weight;…
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Being in a bad mood makes you gain weight; important news from nutritionists


For better or worse, our moods affect our state of health, and this is well known. Less is known instead about the effects of individual emotions since much also depends on the way in which each person reacts and somatizes emotions.

For example, sadness for many people stimulates their appetite and forces them to eat since they are looking for happiness or contentment in food. For others, sadness almost completely extinguishes their sense of hunger, thereby, removing enjoyment from one of life's simplest pleasures.

Moreover, in regards to being angry, a study carried out by the Mexican nutritionist Juan Manuel Romero Villa has proven that anger seems to have a direct effect on weight gain.

In general, to keep yourself in good shape, not only to regard yourself as more beautiful but also to stay healthy, two essential elements are physical activity and a balanced diet. However, the research carried out by Villa and published in his book "Who Gets Angry Gets Fat" ("El Que Se Enoja Engorda"), proves that following a healthy lifestyle may not be enough to keep one's weight in line. 

The survey, in addition to revealing the connections between superfluous pounds and mood, states that when the cells of the body accumulate energy without releasing it, it is deposited in the form of body fat. The typical situation is when under stress the body produces adrenaline and cortisol. The energy that is obtained and not used but is instead stored, activates an inflammatory process that prevents its natural release, and it is then transformed into body fat.

And vice versa, channeling this anger helps to dispose of this excess tension. In general, the best strategy to prevent the energy produced by anger from coming back on you - is to manage it by practicing being calm. Maintaining a good mood has beneficial effects both psychologically and physically and also helps to keep your bathroom scale under control. 

There could be many examples shown of people of all ages, who despite spending hours in the gym and making sacrifices at the table, however, do not obtain the desired results. Consequently, to forcibly realize the desired weight loss, they often take the shortcut of using drugs which instead of helping actually risks producing even more damage.

Considering that trying to be more peaceful and getting angry less is very beneficial and does not cost anything, why not try to put this advice into practice?


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