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When one truly loves someone then being…
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When one truly loves someone then being faithful is not a sacrifice, but a natural way of being


It can sound rhetorical but basicallyit is disarmingly simple. In fact, when you truly love someone, then being loyal and faithful is not a burden but a natural way of being.

We assume, of course, that these are profound feelings, and that it is the kind of love that is capable of overcoming the challenges of time and difficulties, but that certainly cannot last long when there is a lack of sincerity.

Fidelity is an ever-present topic, at the center of reflections and discussions in every age, precisely because every generation undergoes changes and adjustments of an ethical, social, and moral nature.

Statistically, the number of people who cheat on their partner is constantly increasing compared to the past, and some say that it is caused by a lack of values and others think it is due to exasperated individuality.

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Today we live in a society where commitment is seen as a cage, and not as a precise manifestation of personal will. Experiencing fidelity as a prison sentence means to already be lost and defeated.

Being with someone does not have to be "renouncing all the others" but rather "not to feel the need of anyone else" because you are already happy and satisfied.

Obviously, in the life of a couple joy and pleasure must not be lacking, otherwise, the strength of the motivation that determined their choice to be together will be gradually overwhelmed by their efforts to sacrifice themselves and then loyalty and being faithful becomes just a commitment to be honored.

The real obstacles of many relationships are the monotonous daily routine and the need to constantly try to find a reason to continue their life journey together.

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Another aspect that makes love relationships today more fragile is the superficiality with which many people throw themselves into a relationship.

Getting married or also just cohabitating are taken too lightly, almost as if it were a game or an experience to be checked off a bucket list of "things to try." The lack of awareness and maturity when a love story begins can, therefore, quite easily determine a greater predisposition to being unfaithful.

In everything we need balance, so if on one hand, it is not good to live together and then end the relationship as if it were nothing; on the other hand, one should not condemn oneself to an unhappy existence as in the past, when separation and divorce were practically inconceivable. Being together does not have to be a constant sacrifice, but neither can one immediately give up when faced with everyday problems.

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This is perhaps the crux of the matter, the fact of not wanting to try too hard, and the perception of being able to always pull back at any moment. In the same way that when something does not function today one does not waste time fixing it but rather it is thrown away and another one is bought, so similarly, people are also interchangeable and replaceable. 

The pitfall lies in the fact that everyone has their limits, so the illusion of searching for the perfect partner is likely to become an infinite loop. To believe that just around the next corner there is always something better actually leads only to loneliness and disaffection.

The prerequisites for a solid relationship are sincerity, respect, and a willingness to compromise. Love is also an act of daily teamwork, it must be experienced without the specters of the past or mirages of the future; and lived each and every day appreciating the person who is by one's side in the present.

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