For a child, it is better to have parents who are separated but in harmony, than married parents in perennial conflict -
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For a child, it is better to have parents…
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For a child, it is better to have parents who are separated but in harmony, than married parents in perennial conflict


Family arguments happen; but when mom and dad spend a lot of time arguing, then the situation should not be considered normal and acceptable. 

If parents can no longer live together, and their days are dominated by continuous confrontations, consisting of insults, aggressive attitudes or even mutual indifference, they should have the courage to separate to put an end to all of this. 

It should be done above all because those who suffer the most negative effects of this animosity between mom and dad are always their children.

In fact, children do not need to live together with both parents to feel loved; more important, in these cases, is to live in an environment that is not dominated by rancor and aggression.

In fact, children who helplessly watch the constant fighting between their parents, start to react with their own angry outbursts or with showing a stronger attachment - now to the mother and then to the father, and adopt in turn violent behaviors, alternating with moments of alienation and depression. And above all, as adults, they will not be able to handle stressful situations or solve problems in a peaceful way.

It is better, then, for the children themselves that their parents separate, and it is essential to communicate this separation to children in a clear but loving manner so that they do not experience the situation in a frightening or distressing way. 

Certainly, every child would always like to be able to enjoy the presence of both of their parents together, under the same roof; therefore their separation cannot be entirely painless. But if parents provide the child with the tools to understand it, over time the child will accept the new situation - remembering the furious quarrels and incompatibility of their parents - and the child's wounds will heal, especially if there is the same constant love and care that both mom and dad know how to continue to give their child. 


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