Listening to people who are always complaining takes away a lot of positive energy -
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Listening to people who are always complaining…
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Listening to people who are always complaining takes away a lot of positive energy


We all know someone who spends most of their time – and ours, when we are with them - complaining.

Whether it is about their job, the last purchase they made, or a neighbor, it does not matter, the main theme of their conversation is always negative. 

Therefore, even if we are motivated by good intentions, listening to them will not help them to take life less seriously or to smile more often. What will probably happen is that you will be infected with their negativity.

You should be aware that staying in contact with a pessimistic person for more than 30 minutes, turns off the neurons in the hippocampus, the part of our brain needed to solve problems.

Consequently, if you have a negative person around you, it is strongly recommended that you follow these suggestions.

  • 1. Distance yourself from them. The most effective advice to avoid being infected by their pessimism is to distance yourself from a person who transmits negativity. Not only will you avoid letting them ruin your good mood, but also wasting your time, which you could use in more pleasant and relaxing activities. 
  • 2. Establish boundaries. If you really cannot avoid listening to them, then establish some boundaries with such individuals regarding conversations by avoiding certain topics or making statements that trigger them to express their negative comments.
  • 3. Ask them to find a solution. Those who complain do not do so to be constructive because their goal is only to express negativity, showing the whole world how rotten and bad everything is around them. Block their complaints by inviting them to find a solution to the problem they are highlighting, in order to make better use of their time. 
  • 4. Breathing exercises. In order for their negative energy not to crush you, contrast it with a simple relaxation technique: breathing. Breathing in and out deeply will help you to better oxygenate your body, stimulating the production of endorphins which are the neurotransmitters of well-being.
  • 5. Use mental techniques. Change the subject or use all your wits to prevent a negative person from starting one of their pessimistic rants. 
  • 6. Make it clear that it is their problem. Often to shut down a person who is constantly complaining, all you need is just a simple sentence like this: "Only positive people achieve their goals and appreciate life." 
  • 7. Be optimistic. Think and act optimistically because positivity can also be contagious! 

Arm yourself with patience, intelligence, and joie de vivre. In this way, you will not give any space to someone who only wants to spread their negative thinking about the world we live in. Remember that everything depends on the point of view that you decide to adopt; simply, choose to be positive! :)

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