Between friends, time and distance do not count for anything because it is their heart that is connected -
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Between friends, time and distance do…
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Between friends, time and distance do not count for anything because it is their heart that is connected


Have you ever lost sight of a person dear to you because of the distance, and realizing, upon meeting him or her again, that time and distance had not affected your relationship?

Probably yes, and this is what distinguishes true friendships from a simple acquaintance. 

Friendship is a unique feeling, rare and precious, and very difficult to find, even more than true love. It is able to give us support and comfort, to encourage us, and make us improve.

During our life we will change, following new paths and different situations; it may happen that relations with an acquaintance end, but if a friendship is true and intuitive, it never dies.

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A true friend can accompany us all our life: he or she will give us support in times of difficulty and will toast with us in moments of joy. A true friend will always be there, even if far away they will be able to find a way to reach us, perhaps with a message sent at the right time, or with a word spoken at the exact moment that makes us feel loved and appreciated. 

A true friend is a sister or brother that you choose; a strong and intuitive feeling that knows no ties of blood and yet binds us in an indissoluble way; beyond space and time, that will always be there and never be denied.

True friendship is built day after day as it grows and changes, mutates and renews itself. It can start from an early age or suddenly happen, on a train, at the seaside or at work. Life can sometimes keep you away from your friend for a long while, as you both move along different life paths, but that unique bond that unites you will not allow the flame to ever go out, despite the physical distance.

A true friend always looks us in the eye and while smiling tells us only the truth, even if he or she knows it may hurt. A true friend always has time for us, is ready to support us when we shed a tear, to listen to us at any time with their heart, and to advise us when we are wrong, without ever judging. A true friend may have nothing material to give you, but a true friendship enriches the heart.

Sometimes having a true friend who lives far away from us can even be a good thing. Because, by not seeing each other daily, it will be easier for a true friend to notice any changes, and maybe he or she will open our eyes by calling our attention to something in our life that is going in the wrong direction.

In short, whether near or far, a true friend is the most precious asset that exists. And if we were lucky enough to have found one, we must do everything we can to never lose him or her.

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