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A godfather and godmother are important…
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A godfather and godmother are important figures in the life of their godchild. Here are their commitments!


Being a godfather or godmother is not an easy task. In fact, many accept this responsibility, because they also feel honored for having been chosen, but then continue their lives as if nothing has happened.

A godfather and godmother, however, must be present in the life of the godchild for life, not just when the godchild is a baby.

Therefore, parents should not choose just anyone, rather it should be a well-thought-out decision that is then communicated to an individual who is seen as a trustworthy person.

Here, then, are the important things that godfathers and godmothers have to do.

  • 1. Godparents must be present in all ceremonies and important moments regarding their godchild, such as communion, christening, and marriage. 
  • 2. Godparents have to know how to spend time with their godchild, striving to participate in the humorous and entertaining moments of the child's life, based on his or her age. Furthermore, godparents must be examples to follow. In fact, they must not forget that the younger a child is the more a child tries to imitate the people they love. Therefore, it is essential to be valid examples that are worthy of imitation.
  • 3. Godparents must assist their godchild's parents whenever it is necessary, in relation to the needs of the godchild. 
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  • 4. The relationship with a godchild cannot be broken and must be kept alive for as long as possible. In all phases of the life of the godchild, as they grow to adulthood, it will be important to always be present, to always help the godchild in times of difficulty and to be available to assist the godchild and the parents. 
  • 5. A godfather and godmother will also have to take an interest in their godchild's academic education, regarding both compulsory education as well as high school and university. 

In short, a godfather and godmother must always be firm points of reference in the godchild's life throughout his or her growth and education, until the godchild has become an adult and is self-supporting.  And even in this case, the godfather and godmother will still have to continue to be present in the adult godchild's life, providing comfort and advice in times of need.

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