The first thing you see in the picture might give you some clues to help you understand your subconscious -
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The first thing you see in the picture…
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The first thing you see in the picture might give you some clues to help you understand your subconscious

December 03, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Our subconscious is psychic activity within the mind just below the level of awareness that motivates us and guides us throughout our life.

Revealing it is never simple because it is something that resides outside of our conscience but that can reveal to us some unknown traits of our personality.

Through this quick test for the subconscious, depending on the aspect you notice first in this image, you can reveal your inner being and discover something about yourself that you probably did not know!

Look at this figure and remember what you noticed at first glance

  • 1. The bear: It means that you are people moved by love. The bear is a symbol of intense and ferocious passion, probably you too have a passionate soul especially when it comes to matters of the heart. In regards to the people you love, you would do anything to protect them, just like a mother bear with her cubs! 
  • 2. The trees: Your soul is driven by passion. You are sociable people and you love interacting with others so you prefer to stay in the company of friends rather than be alone. You are always looking for new contacts and connections since you are moved by the desire to be connected with many people! 
  • 3. The mountains: You are guided by your own mind. You are an intelligent person and it is reasoning and thoughts that motivate your life. You do everything with care and caution, often putting work before anything else. Maybe it would be better to start putting aside some of the challenging and demanding tasks to make room for a little relaxation. Having noticed the mountains first means that you always focus on the tasks to be completed and in the long run, this attitude could be deleterious. 
  • 4.The starry sky: You always have your head in the clouds! You are guided by dreams and aspirations for the future that perhaps get the upper hand over reality too often. This attitude sometimes leads you to daydream but in your heart, you know that even if with difficulty, your dreams will eventually come true. Be careful though -- Just because something does not go in the way you have dreamed, does not mean it cannot still be a good idea!

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