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A mom goes to pick up her daughter from…
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A mom goes to pick up her daughter from a daycare facility and discovers that her shoes have been attached with duct tape!


For all parents around the world (except those who are fortunate enough to be able to spend a lot of time with their children) the moment arrives, sooner or later, when they have to go back to work and entrust their children to someone else. 

Sometimes, grandparents can take care of the children, and in that case, there are no big problems. But when grandparents are also not available, then parents have to rely on a daycare facility or at most a babysitter, which is something that, of course, always raises concerns.

As in all workplaces, including those involving childcare, there are honest and hardworking employees and others who are disreputable. Therefore, making the right choice is key and can help avoid unpleasant incidents.

Such as what happened to Jessica Hayes, a working mom, when one day she went to pick up her baby daughter and received a very unpleasant "surprise".

Wrapped around her 17-month-old daughter's shoe was a generous amount of duct tape. The duct tape held the shoe firmly in place, but it had also been placed over the border of the top of the shoe and was sticking to the little girl's delicate skin.

The woman immediately went home, and after taking some photos to document the incident, she removed the horrible duct tape. It was not easy, because the duct tape was stuck to the baby's skin and left marks, and, of course, the child did not like very much the removal operation.

Soon after, Jessica contacted the daycare facility director to explain what had happened, and then she shared the experience online with other moms to raise the issue of safety.

From the comments received, it seems that this practice is sometimes used to keep very young children from removing their shoes. However, as Jessica pointed out, taking off their shoes, for a 17-month-old child, is a spontaneous gesture and perfectly understandable for their age! To stop this, why would this extreme measure be used? And furthermore, why not, at least, be careful not to attach the duct tape to the uncovered and delicate skin of her baby daughter?  

Apparently, the daycare director was not aware of this practice and explained that clearly the staff was overworked and had opted for a quick solution. Nevertheless, the daycare director took note of this questionable behavior and has fired the two teachers responsible for this incident.


Many moms have supported Jessica, saying that they too would have become furious if they had seen such a thing. Others have criticized the fact that she immediately posted her experience, thereby, undermining the reputation of the entire daycare facility.

But Jessica's response clarified her position when she explained that her intent was not to discredit the daycare facility. According to Jessica, the daycare facility is of the highest quality, and in fact, her child has continued and will continue to go there.

Her goal was to make it clear to parents that they should keep their eyes open! This is because after all, we are human, and a single daycare staff member can jeopardize the credibility--and safety--of an entire facility. 

Have you ever seen such a thing? How would you have reacted in the place of this mom?

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