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Having a talkative sister in your life…
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Having a talkative sister in your life could lower your risk of depression, a study suggests

November 25, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Siblings are fundamental protagonists in the developmental process of a child. Through contact with them, we learn the basics of socialization, communication, and conflict management which are all abilities that will help us in life. 

In fact, many experts also believe that siblings are able to teach some life values that not even parents are able to transmit. 

Laura Padilla-Walker, a teacher and instructor at Brigham Young University, has initiated a study to determine the effects of the magical relationship between siblings.

The study analyzed 395 families that had more than one child (with at least one between 10 and 14 years of age), and the results were quite interesting.

The study found, for example, that kindness and generosity seem to be learned more easily from a sibling than from an adult. And also in terms of self-esteem, it appears that the presence of another family member around the same age provides undeniable benefits. But there is another aspect that seems to be crucial to the emotional equilibrium of a child, namely, that of having a sister, which seems to greatly reduce the risk of developing depression during childhood and as an adulthood. 

Why a sister rather than a brother? In general, scholars argue that the communication skills of sisters are more developed than those of brothers. In general, a sister is more willing to talk about everything, including intimate or sensitive topics; and she is also more protective and less confrontational. The researchers concluded that having, in particular, a sister who has a very talkative and euphoric temperament can really prepare a sibling for a lighter and more optimistic approach to life's challenges.

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In short, although sometimes we take it for granted, having a good relationship with a brother or sister can really make a difference in everyday life, therefore, it is a relationship that we should never neglect.

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