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10 possible indicators that it's your…
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10 possible indicators that it's your soul that's tired and not your body

November 20, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Often, it happens that we invariably feel exhausted and tired throughout the day and we associate this lack of vitality with depression or some other factorSometimes, however, it is a completely different thing.

In fact, it is a state of malaise that affects the soul which just like our body, also needs its time to recover from a stressful or emotionally intense period, which consumes its energy.

It is not always easy to understand every time when you are about to deplete your inner forces, but your body tries in every way to send out alarm signals, which are often not understood.

Here, then, are some of those alarm signals that can help you understand better when your soul needs its batteries recharged.

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  • 1. Sometimes, you may suffer from headaches, stomach ache, tension, and dizziness, and have blurred vision, for no apparent reason. 
  • 2. When body and mind are no longer synchronized with one another, one may feel disoriented and fragmented. 
  • 3. During the whole day, you feel tired and you only want to sleep. When you are in this state, you try to rest and sleep more often and it is hard to wake up and get out of bed. 
  • 4. In these particular moments, one is particularly emotional. 
  • 5. It is not possible to trace the origin of this state of malaise, despite it being constantly present.
  • 6. Having "exhausted batteries" means feeling physically weak and getting tired after every little effort. 
  • 7. You can experience strong emotions such as insecurity and uncertainty about everything you do or do not do. 
  • 8. There may be mild episodes of panic attacks and chronic anxiety
  • 9. Also feeling alone, when you are not at all, is a sensation that can manifest itself in these delicate moments. 
  • 10. Your thoughts are mainly negative and convey anger and resentment. 

When you are in a period of physical and mental exhaustion, you should try to think a little more about yourself, resting your mind and body, doing the things you like to do that make you feel relaxed.


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