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A kiss on the forehead is a delicate…
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A kiss on the forehead is a delicate gesture of affection that makes us feel at home


Kissing a person is the most effective and direct way to communicate an emotionThrough a kiss, we come into direct contact and we can feel the other person's soul.

Among the various types of kisses, there is one particularly evocative that is able to inspire deep feelings, namely, a kiss on the forehead. 

In all cultures, the forehead has always been recognized as very sensitive, like a "door" to an elsewhere, which we usually call the soul.

Through that portal, we come into contact with the deepest part of the ego, and the effects can only be beneficial.

Many philosophers and scholars of antiquity have associated the third eye with the pineal gland, placed at the center of the head and as large as a bean.

This gland, which has the function of releasing melatonin by regulating the sleep-wake rhythm, has always been attributed a spiritual value. Even Descartes in his book "The Passions of the Soul" describes the pineal gland as the main seat of the soul, like a bridge that connects the spirit and the body. 

Many people believe that kissing the forehead corresponds to "kissing" the pineal gland, and therefore the soul of the other person. This specific point between the eyebrows, the third eye, is usually asleep, and a kiss helps to awaken it.

Kissing someone on their forehead requires a large dose of confidence because it is, in fact, less "formal" than the classic kiss on the cheek. Being kissed on the forehead corresponds to abandoning oneself to another person and surrendering one's own body and mind. 

Moreover, this gesture, executed naturally and spontaneously by a loved one, helps to reduce anxiety and deflect worries. Thanks to this simple gesture family ties are strengthened and everyone feels "at home". 

In conclusion, our advice is to never be stingy with a gesture of affection like this one! In fact, if a loved one is worried or in trouble, embrace them and give them a gentle kiss on the forehead: the restorative effect will be immediate!

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