Couples in which the man is much taller than the woman are the happiest and most long lasting -
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Couples in which the man is much taller…
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Couples in which the man is much taller than the woman are the happiest and most long lasting


Women prefer tall men. It seems almost a cliché to affirm it, but men who are short must make peace with this fact, which, unfortunately, is a genetic factor that humankind has had since the dawn of time.

Probably this commonplace credo dates back to times when height and physical performance were a very important factor for the safety of one's family.

In any case, according to some studies, it has emerged that couples in which the man is much taller than the woman are actually also the happiest.

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Have you ever wondered why we rarely see couples where the woman is taller than the man? Probably because women prefer tall men or because they are aware of the scientific study that showed how marriages with a tall husband and a short wife are the best.

According to a research study conducted in 2017 on more than 8,000 participants, there is a direct correlation between the relationship of the height of the husband to that of the wife. In fact, the taller the husband is in relation to his wife, the better the romantic relationship will be.

As observed by the researchers, the motivation lies in the fact that our instinct is rooted in the thought that a tall man is also stronger, so in ancient times he was better able to get food and take care of his family. Tall men are also more charismatic, they instill greater security in the people around them with direct repercussions on their job and career.

In fact, employers in most cases consider tall people more skilled and reliable than low people. A better job also guarantees an economic security that makes tall men excellent husbands and fathers. This too is a form of innate reasoning rooted in our thoughts and therefore cannot be understood as a form of discrimination.

Height and physical prowess since ancient times have been synonymous with great strength and therefore ability to provide the right amount of food and protection for one's family. Obviously, height is just one of the factors that influence a relationship, there are many other aspects such as communication, trust, etc ...

The bad news, which is valid for any type of couple is that after 18 years, a marriage begins to "crackle" regardless of height, weight or bank account. And in that case, each partner has to roll up their sleeves because no marriage can work without the right commitment!

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