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Piercing the earlobes of very young…
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Piercing the earlobes of very young girls is not a good idea and here are the reasons!


Taking your young daughter to get her first earlobe piercing is an unforgettable moment.

Of course, most young girls have been waiting for what seems like forever to get their earlobes pierced and their mothers also cannot wait for their little girls to become real "young ladies".

In some cases, however, parents are too prematurely getting their young baby girls' earlobes pierced because the parents think that in this way the baby girls will be too young to remember the pain.

But is it really a good idea to pierce the earlobes of little babies that are only a few months old?

Here is what to do and also the reasons why this behavior might not be the right path to follow.

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In principle, it is never a good idea to put pierced earrings on the ears of children who are too young. This is because every time we pierce a part of our body we expose it to possible infections, the same thing is also true for our ears!

A newborn baby does not have a well-developed immune system, so pediatricians encourage parents to wait for a minimum of 6 months after the child is born.

It is true that babies will never remember the pain experienced, but the risk that the child is exposed to is also high, says Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, a pediatrician at Seattle Children's Hospital.

Probably the most appropriate choice is to wait for the child to want and ask to get their earlobes pierced. This what many parents do who wait until their child is about 10 years old. In this way, the child is "big enough" to be able to make a personal decision.

The drawback of this choice could be the awareness that such a decision means that pain will be caused and felt. After all, "piercing" a part of own's own body even if it is only skin, is never a pleasant thing! 

Unfortunately, there is no way to totally eliminate the pain. However, you could consult your doctor or pediatrician to ask for advice on how to anesthetize or make the affected part less sensitive perhaps through ointments or creams, or simply comfort the child as best you can.

image: Pexels

After deciding whether or not to get the child's earlobes pierced, you have to carefully choose the place. The first thing to do is consult your own pediatrician or dermatologist who will surely apply all the appropriate hygienic and health protocols to perfection.

Alternatively, there are several specialized piercing centers among which you can make a careful selection. Choose only those centers that are highly recommended by family members and trusted acquaintances, and that have years of experience corroborated by excellent reviews. Also, make sure that they clean the ears thoroughly with alcohol or other solutions to prevent possible infections and use new and non-recycled needles

Definitely, a more entertaining choice is the first pair of earrings you want your child to wear. Avoid highly allergenic metals such as nickel or cobalt and preferably use earrings made with materials such as 14-carat gold, titanium or platinum which are usually safer materials. Be careful and monitor closely your child's ears for the first two weeks, medicating the earlobes every day and following the instructions given by the experts regarding sleeping and washing routines.

Always remember that doctors and pediatricians are at your disposal for any doubts and unexpected situations, therefore, do not hesitate to contact them when needed!


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