The first animal you see in the photo reveals something about your personality! Which one first catches your eye? -
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The first animal you see in the photo…
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The first animal you see in the photo reveals something about your personality! Which one first catches your eye?

November 07, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In some cultures around the world, especially in that of the American Indians, animals have a spiritual force that influences the lives of humans, and in some casesthey become real spiritual guides.

The animal totem that each person decides to have alongside them during their life journey has a profound meaning.  Often, an individual chooses the one with the characteristics most similar to their personality. There are several tests that can help us understand which animal is closer to our way of being.

Here we offer one such test! In fact, the animal that you see first will be the one that reveals something more about you than the other animals.

First, observe the image. Which animal catches your eyes first and attracts your attention?

1. Dog

image: Pixabay

The dog indicates that friendly and kind person, that loves being around people and is ready to support anyone in need, in any situation. Whoever has a character that is aligned with this animal, is sincere with others and an excellent communicator. In addition, this individual trusts people and easily understands their nature, mood, and emotions.


2. Butterfly

image: Maxpixel

The butterfly symbolizes a sensitive person with a sympathetic soul. Whoever has a personality similar to this creature, is an individual open to new things and new experiences, who lives today without worrying too much about the future and who likes to be the center of attention and in step with the times. Moreover, this individual turns out to also be a romantic person, who likes to dream and explore with their mind, trying to see only the positive things of life without thinking about the problems.

3. Snake

Contrary to what one might imagine, the snake portrays a wise and caring person, always ready to solve the problems of others and able to adapt and get used to changes quickly. Thanks to their extraordinary problem-solving ability, they are able to make decisions easily and firmly. A person whose character aligns with the snake proves to be unpredictable and calm, and with good analytical skills. Moreover, the snake person has an innate sense of protection towards loved ones and defends them from all adversities.

 4. Eagle

image: MaxPixel

The eagle indicates a proud personality who is a little arrogant and very confident in themselves and their abilities, and therefore, always ready to defend their way of thinking. The eagle person is not afraid of difficulties because they are able to overcome them, and especially when it comes to protecting freedom of action and personal expression. A person whose character aligns with this bird of prey does not tolerate anyone who tries to occupy their space and impose their rules on them. In addition, they are great observers who pursue their goals without ever stopping until they reach them.


5. Rabbit

image: Max Pixel

The rabbit portrays a sensitive and gentle person, who is attentive to how they communicate with others and is careful not to hurt them because they try to understand the feelings of others. A person aligned with this animal means that they take everything to heart and they are sentimentally vulnerable and shy in expressing what they want. Moreover, they try to avoid problems and find it hard to adapt to changes due to fear, but they are still able to be very positive and altruistic.

6. Cat

The cat represents a person with an independent and trusting character who is aware of their strong personality and is able to easily adapt to changes.

Whoever has a personality of this kind, does not depend on the opinions of others and follows very much their own head. Their independent nature enables them to surround themselves with only a few people and they have no problem with remaining alone, which they actually feel to be an intrinsic necessity.

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