Here are the 6 most patient signs of…
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Here are the 6 most patient signs of the whole zodiac! Among these, one, in particular, is the most Zen!

November 02, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Patience is a skill that not all people have in equal measure. There are those who lose patience with very little provocation, and those who are able to manage situations with Zen-like calmness.

Being patient or not could depend on the zodiac sign. In fact, there are six, in particular, which are considered to be especially calm and patient. 

Do you consider yourself patient? Does your character correspond with what the description of the zodiac sign states?

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Gemini: vote 7/10 

Gemini people combine patience with self-irony. Consequently, they not only can endure objectively annoying situations more than others, but they also have the ability to convert them into something funny and amusing. Gemini are those people who if they spill something on themselves, will first laugh at the damage they have done and then think about finding a solution! 

Pisces: vote 8/10 

For Pisces, however, being patient means being meticulous. In fact, this zodiac sign takes care of the details and when they have a task to do, they prefer to take all the time available to complete it. Besides being very patient people, Pisces are also loyal and constant over time. 

Sagittarius: vote 9/10 

For Sagittarius, patience is a fundamental ingredient in the management of interpersonal relationships. As we know, many times, with friends and acquaintances we have to "let things slide". Sagittarius is a very good zodiac sign in this respect. They hardly ever take things personally and is able to tolerate the behavior of others - even incorrect ones - much more than the other zodiac signs.

Libra: vote 6/10 

Libra is a zodiac sign that although quite active is still distinguished in terms of being patient. Libra is a sign that is calm, and able to wait with serenity the appropriate moment to make a move but who also acts immediately to right a wrong. In addition, when it comes to completing a long-term task, Libra people demonstrate all the impressive skills and tenacity that they possess. 

Taurus: 9/10 vote 

Empathy, patience, and calmness --- these are the distinctive traits of the Taurus zodiac sign, which is not only among the most patient signs but is also among those who entertain better relations of friendship. In fact, a Taurus person is always ready to listen without judging, to offer a shoulder to cry on and to give good advice. We should all have at least one friend of this zodiac sign! 

Aquarius: vote 10/10 

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Aquarius zodiac sign is the most patient sign ever. At work, in love, in friendships, in private life; Aquarius people make patience their hobbyhorse! They transmit calmness and serenity, they almost never get angry, and always manage conflicts with a philosophical approach. The way they manage to remain clear, calm and focused even in the most volatile situations is to be envied!


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