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A doctor asks terminally-ill children…
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A doctor asks terminally-ill children what are the most important things in life and their answers leave him speechless


We adults can really learn a lot from children, especially when it comes to setting priorities in life.

In the course of our existence, we often focus on very marginal things, such as buying a new car or carrying a grudge against someone, and consequently, losing sight of the reasons why life itself is worth living.

By comparing ourselves with children, we can re-prioritize our lives, recalling how good it is to love others, to be kind, to smile, and to take things philosophically. 

The wisdom of children is well-known by those who work with them, such as Dr. Alastair McAlpine, a palliative care specialist in Cape Town, South Africa. His job is not to cure, but rather to give palliative care to children with terminal illnesses and to give them a less painful end.

The doctor conducted a small survey, asking his young patients what they thought were the most important things in life. Their answers, full of sadness but also of hope, are a message that the whole world should receive and appreciate. Are we sure that it is clear to us what really makes our life wonderful?

Here are the lessons we can draw from these children's answers:

  • 1. The Internet is not life. None of the children said they wanted to spend more time on the Internet, on Facebook, or playing video games. 
  • 2. Animals make our lives better. Many children referred to their pets, saying that they made them laugh, kept them company, or telling stories about the time when they took their dog to the beach and had a lot of fun. 
  • 3. Their parents are everything, for a child. Many small patients in response to the question, named their parents, and that they hoped to see their parents feel better one day, as they always see them sad and depressed (and we can understand why ...). 
  • 4. Ice cream first of all! Many children have simply said that they will miss their beloved favorite ice cream ... Otherwise what kind of children would they be?
  • 5. Worrying about the judgment of others is a waste of time. Many of the children regretted having worried so much about what their peers thought. They were ashamed of their hair when it began to fall out or of the visible scars from their operations, but later they realized that there was no need. 
  • 6. The sea promotes good humor. Many children have said that the seaside is one of the things they love most and will remember forever. Being on a beach, running, playing, and swimming ... these are simple but unforgettable moments! 
  • 7. Kindness is an immortal value. Almost all the little patients cited acts of kindness, remembering a person who was nice to them or an episode that made them feel loved and pampered, even by people who were almost total strangers. 
  • 8. Books and stories make a significant difference. Many of the children have said that they will miss their parents' books and stories because these touched them deeply and encouraged them, much more than movies.
  • 9. Laughing is essential. All the children said they loved those who had made them laugh, whether it was a visiting friend, a magician who came to cheer them, or a witty next-door neighbor. 
  • 10. Continuing to dream, always, and in any case. Children love their toys and their superheroes because with them they can dream and imagine a different world. It makes no sense to live without cultivating your dreams! 
  • 11. The family is the basis of life. All of the little patients, indistinctly, named their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents, uncles ... as being very important! The family is what makes us feel safe, loved, and alive. We must never forget it!

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