People who sleep in late might just be more creative and intelligent than early risers, a study suggests -
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People who sleep in late might just…
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People who sleep in late might just be more creative and intelligent than early risers, a study suggests

October 30, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you have always been called a "sleepyhead" because you love sleeping late, then there may finally be good news for you!

According to some psychological studies conducted by several European universities, a link between the amount of sleep and the creativity and intelligence of a person has emerged!

After allit is no coincidence that even some of the most famous and influential people in the world cannot do without their classic 7-8 hours of sleep ...


Perhaps for the first time in history, sleeping late in the morning is not seen as something negative. According to some studies, it has turned out that people who go to bed later and wake up later have more creativity than other people.

Those who do not follow the traditional "golden rules of sleep" are considered more progressive and intelligent as well as creative than those who get up early

A study by the University of Madrid highlighted that in a sample of 1100 students that those who set their alarm for later obtained higher scores on inductive reasoning tests.

The Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan has also done a study on this topic by measuring the capacity for creative thinking of people who tended to sleep longer in the morning.

image: Mic4457Flickr

The University of Liège in Belgium, on the other hand, compared the level of productivity upon awakening between a person who wakes up later than an early riser.

The results expressed the same level of productivity even if at different times, but on the contrary, the person who slept the most, at the end of the day will be in a better mood than the one who woke up early in the morning.

These studies obviously do not want to indicate that it is right to wake up late every morning but rather highlights the fact that sleeping more hours than usual every so often can be very beneficial!

The sample groups chosen for these investigations cannot be entirely representative of the phenomenon because we know that a lot depends on a person's habits and preferences. However, in light of what has been said, we can say that a good night's sleep cannot hurt anyone!


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