A father sings with his little daughter…
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A father sings with his little daughter after she takes a shower and the tenderness of the scene will melt your heart

October 09, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Love for music is innate, it is not something that is learned by studying or practicing.

To prove it is the fact that children respond to musical stimuli as soon as they are born.

In fact, it is not long before even very young children have learned their first little song by heart, regardless of whether their words actually coincide with the text.

Just like this little girl who "sings" with her father a song by Maroon 5 ... just too sweet! 

A family scene already in itself is very touching and this little girl and her dad have just finished taking a shower and the music that accompanies this activity also provides, as it happens for many of us, a moment of relaxation. The song is from the famous pop music band Maroon 5 and is so well-known that it is really hard not to have heard it at least once. 

Most likely the little girl has listened to this song over and over again because she has practically learned the words by heart. Well, to be precise, the little girl is still too young to remember such a long piece, but she has learned the movements to make with her mouth when you sing the words to this song by the Maroon 5.

Together with her father, the little girl mimes the song with an infinite sweetness, earning several times the center of attention with her "solos" just like a future star!

We do not want to bore you anymore with chatter that, with a video like this, really makes little sense! Now all you have to do is watch and judge for yourself --- and see why this little girl's "show" has moved the Internet so much! Do not miss this video!


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