According to science, having an older…
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According to science, having an older sister might help to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression

October 09, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you grew up with siblings, probably at some point in your childhood you felt envy for your friends who were an only child.

For them, in fact, life seemed to be a paradise! They had the loving attention of their whole family, they had no siblings with whom they had to reluctantly share their toys, no quarrels to use the bathroom, and no fights started for the most insignificant reasons. 

Yet, science confirms, growing up in a large family, and especially having a sister, seems to have long-term beneficial effects on the development of an individual.

A large study conducted by Brigham Young University took into consideration 400 families with more than one child between 10 and 14 years old. The results, after comparing these children with those found in families with a single child or with only male children, found that the presence of a sister encouraged the development of a positive mental attitude. 

In general, those who grew up with a sister had a greater ability to understand others, to empathize and to communicate. Furthermore, since siblings quarrels and fights are commonplace among siblings, the ability to resolve arguments and manage one's emotions is also more developed. 

Analyzing male gender individuals in detail, it emerged that men who grew up with a sister are more skilled and prepared in their relationships with women than those who grew up with no siblings or with only male siblings. 

Instead, in regards to women, those who grew up with a sister seem to be able to better resist disappointments and problems resulting from the end of a romantic relationship; probably because they know they can count on a special friend who will always be there to listen to her.

In short, it seems that having a sister by your side is a real blessing ... and can help us to become better people!

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