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Whoever decorates their house for Christmas…
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Whoever decorates their house for Christmas early tends to be happier and more social, a study reveals


At the end of the summer, there are those who rejoice and those who despair! Some wait impatiently for the arrival of the cold weather, sweaters, and Christmas festivities, while there are others who are already thinking about their next beach vacation.

In this regard, modern science has sided in favor of those who pull out the boxes of winter and Christmas decorations long before the actual arrival of winter itself.

It seems that those who do this, or whoever is projected towards the month of December before it is necessary, is a happier and more serene person.

Every year we witness a phenomenon that not everyone likes! Namely, the premature exposition of Christmas decorations, perhaps even when the climate and the atmosphere in general still do not recall the coming Christmas holidays.

Still, some people, seem not to be able to resist anticipating the Christmas holidays because they feel a great sense of joy and well-being in decorating the house for Christmas holidays even when the memory of the summer holidays is still fresh.

Psychologists and sociologists have investigated this phenomenon, arriving at some very interesting conclusions. Fundamentally, those who display Christmas decorations ahead of time, do so to relive moments associated with well-being and serenity. These are feelings that have matured very often in childhood when Christmas was a festivity for which it was worth having a long countdown. The decorations, therefore, are nothing more than "anchors" to remain as long as possible surrounded by the magical atmosphere of Christmas. 

In addition, people who have the habit of thinking about Christmas or winter only a short time after the end of the summer are united by specific character traits. In fact, according to a study, they are often happy, positive and optimistic people, who do not care much about the judgment of others, nor do they follow a calendar or clock to be happy. If decorating the house with lights and Christmas tree balls makes them happy, it does not matter whether it's September or October.

image: pexels.com

If you too are one of those people who would like to begin preparations for Christmas in August, we certainly will not judge you! If this makes you feel good, do it and do not worry about calendars or the judgment of others.

What matters, after all, is your good nature and your contagious happiness. Your family members and your neighbors will thank you in the long run!


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