The way you sit can reveal a lot about your personality, you just have to know how to interpret it -
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The way you sit can reveal a lot about…
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The way you sit can reveal a lot about your personality, you just have to know how to interpret it

August 26, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Communicating is a fundamental characteristic of every living being, even if the codes used can be very different and even non-verbal. In fact, body language is as eloquent as the spoken word, for those who are open to understanding its signals. 

Furthermore, sometimes these signals are not clearly interpretable, and we ourselves are not even aware that we are using them, like for example, what we signal when we are sitting in a chair.

As a matter of fact, even the position we assume when we are sitting can reveal a lot about us! Here's how to interpret some of the most common types of postures assumed while sitting in a chair.

Position A: Bending the knees towards or against each other and positioning the feet so that the tips are facing each other. This position can indicate creativity and charisma, but also a bit of childishness. Those who use it often have a tendency to avoid problems and to speak and act impulsively, before thinking. This is a habit that, although sometimes annoying to others, does undoubtedly make such a person less boring. 

Position B: Crossing the legs. This is a typical position for dreamers, who are able to imagine new worlds and induce others to see things in an unusual way. Restlessness distinguishes these people, who cannot tolerate a situation for long - whether it is work or a relationship. Another feature is their extreme sociability, which leads them to have many friends.

Position C: Sitting with legs wide apart. It is a sign of great inner confusion, as well as anxiety, which are moods that nevertheless act as stimuli and can push a person to perform at their best, tapping into all of their inner strength. This type of person generally likes to dress comfortably, with jeans and roomy t-shirts.

image: pixabay

Position D:  Legs together and vertical. This position reveals intelligence, order, and a sensitivity that leads to not confronting conflicts in a direct way. This indicates a tendency not to express one's feelings unless one feels really secure. This posture, if occasional, can also indicate tension and restlessness. 

Position E: Legs together and tilted sideways. This position is assumed by those who are waiting for the right moment (that they have already determined) to act. These people work hard to achieve their goals, and they attach importance to appearance, so they will always be dressed appropriately for the occasion. Moreover, they do not like to be regarded as someone without a critical sense of judgment, even if they transmit an opposite image.


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