Not to pass on respect for animals to children has very sad consequences -
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Not to pass on respect for animals to…
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Not to pass on respect for animals to children has very sad consequences

August 11, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Educating children is a really complex, but crucial subject which goes from good manners to good nutrition to respect for animals and more.

An incident in the Jihlava Zoo - a city in the Czech Republic - proves how important it is to educate children and above all, it shows us what the consequences of unruly and undisciplined children are.

A gang of very young minors composed of children between the ages of five to eight climbed over a fence at the Jihlava Zoo and committed an act that that cannot be rectified even minimally by the estimated amount of compensation.

 Three boys threw stones into a pond where flamingoes were grouped and they killed one and severely injured another.

The boys, after having committed this little stunt, ran away to hide in the nearby woods! However, fortunately, the police, did not find it difficult to identify them because one of them was wearing a very visible yellow sweatshirt.

The families of the children have been asked for compensation of $2285 USD (€ 2000 EUR), a clearly symbolic figure that can never pay for the damage created at the zoo and to the life of an animal.


This episode should make us all reflect.

What surprised the managers of the zoo and the police the most was the fact that the three kids did not even realize what they had done and in all the stages of detention they never showed any sorrow or repentance.

This shows that for them the meaning of respect for animals was completely unknown and we can only breathe a sigh of relief if a far more serious act had not been committed.

In cases like this, we should ask ourselves what kind of education we are giving to children and if it is correct and effective.

Also because the boundary between human beings and animals is labile and if there is no respect for the first, it is likely that there is also none for the latter.

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