These are 10 ways you can fight those who steal your energy, according to the Dalai Lama -
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These are 10 ways you can fight those…
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These are 10 ways you can fight those who steal your energy, according to the Dalai Lama


Among the main religions practiced in the world, Buddhism has managed to spread also thanks to its simple life precepts that have "enlightened" the daily life of those who have decided to follow them.

If therefore, regardless of your faith, you consider it good and just to have a life that is more tranquil and at peace with yourself and the world, then you should put into practice some advice from the Dalai Lama to protect your energy from those who, consciously or unconsciously, can affect it in a negative way.

In fact, the energy we have available is limited, and it is up to us to choose wisely how to use it.

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1. "Let go of those people who only know how to share complaints, problems, disastrous stories, and judgments about others ... If someone is looking for a container to throw their trash, make sure it's not your mind."
Being helpful to a friend who needs to let off steam is human, but we must not become the repository of the negativity of others; so stay away from those who do nothing but complain. 

2. "Pay your bills on time. At the same time, if someone owes you money but cannot pay, just let it go."
Debts are harmful not only for our pockets, but also for our spirit, as they engage our energy in futile concerns. The same goes for the anxiety generated by having to recover money that you have lent to others; So, be brave and ask for what is right, or let it go, if you think it is already an irrecoverable debt.

3. "If you have not kept a promise, ask yourself why. It is your right to change your mind, apologize, compensate, renegotiate, and offer an alternative, but it should not become a habit. The easiest way to avoid failing to keep a promise is to say no from the beginning." 
Engaging in something you know you cannot or do not want to do will eventually suck your energy into a vortex of anguish and useless actions; therefore it is preferable, to be honest with oneself and others and refuse to make a promise. 

4. "Eliminate what you can, delegating to others those tasks that you prefer not to do, and dedicate your time to doing what you like to do." 
It is important not to take on too many superfluous tasks or those that others could easily do in our place. Our time, like our energy, is limited, so we must invest it as much as possible in what we love.

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5. "Give yourself permission to rest when you need it and give yourself permission to act if you see an opportunity." 
It is necessary to know how to find an equilibrium between action and rest, in order not to disperse our energies in a sterile manner. So rest, but be ready to jump on the occasion of your life when the time is right! 

6. "Throw away, remove, and organize. Nothing wastes more energy than messy places filled with things you no longer need."
Eliminate the superfluous, as well as the chaos that surrounds you, that prevents your thoughts to flow freely, and your body to move spontaneously. 

7. "Give priority to your health! If your body is not in top condition, you cannot do much. Take rest breaks." 
It is essential to be healthy to perform in the best and most efficient way, without wasting precious energy. Consequently, learn to rest and take care of yourself.

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8. "Address the toxic situations you have been enduring, whether it is saving a friend or family member, or tolerating negative actions within a couple or a community, take the necessary action." 
Despite the difficulty of changing, it is essential to abandon or change what does not make us live well. Living badly is the first source of unnecessary energy dispersal. 

9. "Acceptance is not resignation. Certainly, there is nothing that can make you lose more energy than resisting and fighting for a situation that you cannot change."
We must try to change what does not make us feel good, but when it is impossible to change, persisting in the struggle does not make sense. Learn to be able to distinguish between the battles you need to take on or win and those that represent only a waste of time and energy. 

10. "Forgive and let go of a situation that causes you pain. You can always choose to leave painful memories behind." 
One of the most powerful weapons we have is forgiveness which is a gesture of love for oneself and for others. Holding a grudge will only absorb your mental and physical energy, sucking them into a vortex of negativity. Free yourself and let go of whatever has caused you pain.


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